Web Design

What We Do

Our web design division is dedicated to giving you a beautiful yet functional website.  We have years of experience working on the web and understand what makes a website easy to use for both you and your customer. Our team strives to give you a website your customers will love.  We offer WordPress or custom built websites that will help traffic flow from one area to another.

If you are selling a product we will feature your product and make sure your customers know not only know why they should buy your awesome products, but make it easy for them to make the purchase without leaving your site.  We want your customers to think “wow that was easy!” every time they make a purchase from your site.

For small business owners, we create websites tailored to your business and needs.  Have the best Italian restaurant in town? We can add your menu, create printable coupons for your guests, and make people feel right at home in your restaurant before they even get there.  Maybe you own a construction company.  We will create a site that leaves people drooling for your work and makes it simple for them to get in touch with you.

Bloggers are welcome here too. In fact, the owner, Michele Cook, has been a blogger for over 6 years.  She is the reason we started Bloggers Little Helper and loves to help new bloggers get the site of their dreams.  We can tackle everything from a small personal blog to large food and lifestyle blog. Check out our Beginner Blogger package on our packages page.

Whether you are someone trying to start a blog or a business owner trying to expand your outreach, we have a solution for you.

Who We Are

Brandon Reese is our head web designer.  He has over 10 years of experience with coding and web site development.  He speaks code the way the rest of us speak English (we have asked him to stop around the office!)  Brandon is fluent in C++, HTML, Javascript, Jquery, Python, Visual Basic and PHP and can use all of this knowledge to build you a fantastic site.

Brandon is very patient and calmly helps new clients through the ins and outs of building their perfect web page.  He sticks to the English language and does a great job explaining technical details so everyone can understand him.  Check out the testimonial from Heather Owen on the Web Portfolio page!