Web Design Portfolio

“My website is where my blog lives. For good measure, people can find out a little bit about me, the heart behind my company, what my clients think of me, my favorite faith based organizations, and what is on the horizon in terms of training and resources available from Genuine Stewards, LLC. It is basically designed to be my platform to share my experience and perspective based on scripture with the faith based non-profit world, ministries, and believers in general. The focus is on the principles of discipleship and stewardship and how they can be practically applied for a thriving non-profit organization, ministry, or daily Christian life.”

“The creative process is difficult: to take the vision trapped inside the mind of a business owner, clear only to them, and translate that into a site design that satisfies. Brandon was responsive, professional, and asked great questions in attempting to anticipate my future needs, because that factors into design now. To boot, he finished this project AHEAD OF CONTRACT DELIVERY DATE! I have no hesitation in recommending Brandon to my clients for their site development needs, and suggest you consider him for yours as well.”

Heather Owen, President/Owner, Genuine Stewards LLC


The Equestrian’s Lesson Journal is a tool for horseback riders to keep track of their progress. It includes 50 lesson entries, 20 horse show entries, and 15 clinic entries. This is the perfect way for riders in any discipline to track the ups and downs of their riding.                                                                                                                                                            


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“Michele M Cook, LLC did an amazing job with our recently launched website, www.equestrianlessonplan.com, and that includes the design, selecting the theme, implementing our shopping “widgets” and testing out the process until we were able to accept customers! Brandon and Michele were professional, thorough and timely. They are knowledgeable with website design, but also dedicated themselves to the process of understanding the promotional intentions for the product. They also gave suggestions along the way of items I had not considered. I certainly will use their team for my website(s) in the future, as well as for my clients!”

Jordan Hendler, President/Owner, Admin Concepts, Inc.