What Social Media Scheduling Tool is Right for You?

Need to update your followers, subscribers, friends or family about what’s happening with your blog or business, but enjoy things like sleeping, getting away from your phone or computer, and not endlessly clicking retweets and pins? Well, we’ve got you covered with this handy little list of some social media scheduling tools!


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Tailwind is an official marketing developer for Pinterest and an official Instagram partner badged for Community Management. Users across the globe rave about it, particularly the Smart Calendar feature, which allows you to make posts without being online at all during peak consumer times for your userbase. It allows you to schedule multiple pins and posts at once with minimal effort. It also has an “interval pinning” feature that allows you to space out your posts, anywhere from ten minutes apart to 90 days.


Another cool thing about Tailwind is that they started as an analytics company, and haven’t strayed from their core. They’ll tell you which pins and boards are performing the best, and how many new followers you’re getting. They even give you a cool little weekly summary.


Tailwind also has a tribe feature, that allows you to organize and post directly to your tribe members. You can invite and manage members within your tribe, the members can upload content that all users within the tribe will have access to and can pin to their other boards. Tailwind tribes are a great resource for gathering high-quality content that is relative to your subscriber or follower base, and can boost your exposure as a result!


Here are a few Tailwind tribes to check out:


Tailwind is easy and straightforward to use. It even has a nifty browser extension for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox that allows you to schedule pins from anywhere on the web! There is a free trial of Tailwind that includes up to 100 scheduled pins, and from there plans start at $10 a month, billed annually.





Another great tool is BoardBooster. Like Tailwind, BoardBooster allows you to schedule pins on Pinterest, and gives you analytics on your pins and boards. It also allows you to split a board up, remove all unwanted pins, and tests your pins for broken links, duplications, and more. If you have a tribe, it also comes with a nifty tribe management tool that handles all tribe-related chores and contributions.


Unlike Tailwind, however, BoardBooster is not an approved Pinterest vendor. It also doesn’t allow the ease of adding pins to multiple boards without re-pinning to each individual board. If you aren’t worried about scheduling your pins, it shouldn’t be much of a burden. BoardBooster also offers 100 free scheduled pins, and from there costs just a penny a pin, starting at 500 for $5.




If you need to schedule and post to a broader spectrum of social media accounts, you should take a look at HootSuite. You’ll be able to schedule and post to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, and more all from one convenient little dashboard. The dashboard comes with tabs that organize all of the social profiles you choose to link to it. Premium accounts receive advanced features for analytics, engagement, security, and team collaborations.


HootSuite is free, though the free version is very limited compared to the premium versions. There’s a 30-day free trial of HootSuite Pro, which will let you see a lot more of the targeted messaging, analytics, and other social apps like Tumblr and YouTube for up to ten social profiles. After the 30 days is up, though, HootSuite starts at about $20 a month.


Meet Edgar


Edgar is another social media tool, and works right in your browser without the need for plug-ins, downloads, or software. It’s not only compatible with web browsers, it’s mobile-browser-friendly, too! Edgar can share updates through Twitter, as well as Facebook and LinkedIn groups, profiles, and pages. It allows you to create a categorized content library, such as “Blog Posts” and “Cat Videos.” You can also use it to schedule content uploads by category, so the tool knows what content to post and when to post it.


Meet Edgar costs $49 per month, and that includes 25 account links, 1,000 timeslots, and an unlimited content library. Annual billing is also available, and they offer one month free if you choose to go that route.




Need a great marketing calendar? Look no further than CoSchedule. Featuring a streamlined drag-and-drop calendar, you can sync your team up for social use, content, email, events, and so much more all in one convenient place. Share content from anywhere on the Web with the convenient Chrome extension, and use ReQueue to send out messages and posts during the best traffic times for your site or profile.


CoSchedule has a free 14-day trial, and after that, packages start at $40 for the essentials.



TweetDeck & TweetCaster


If your only social platform is Twitter, you can use TweetDeck or TweetCaster with ease.


TweetDeck, which started independently, was bought by Twitter, Inc and is integrated into Twitter’s interface for ease of use. TweetDeck can be used to monitor and tweet from multiple accounts simultaneously, and features a series of customizable columns that display the user’s timeline, mentions, trends, direct messages, etc. While it was able to connect to other social media in the past, TweetDeck now only connects to Twitter accounts.


TweetCaster isn’t owned directly by Twitter, it’s a third-party app. It has a lot to offer, the first noticeable thing being that you can post to Twitter and Facebook simultaneously. It allows you to connect with multiple Twitter accounts, schedule tweets, offers color-coded tweets and mentions, and even has smart lists and filters. The downside to TweetCaster, however, is that it is limited to mobile use – that is, you can’t use it from your computer, not without jumping through a few technical hoops.


Both TweetDeck and TweetCaster are free to use!


So Which Tool is Right for You?


Honestly, which tool to use depends on what social media platforms you use for your blog or business, and what your budget is for social media posting. If you’re not sure, you can always use free trials to test the waters and make a decision from there on what, when, and how to use it. These tools are here to save you time and, when used optimally, make you money; so, pick one that feels right for you and what you want to do!

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