How to Send Your Opt-in Using MailerLite

Congratulations! You have created the perfect opt-in for your audience. But now- how to get it to them?

Mailerlite is a great option for both beginning and more experienced bloggers. It allows you to use automation, sequencing, send and collect emails with several form options and create landing pages. All for free up to 1,000 subscribers.  When I first started with Mailerlite, I had some questions and their tech time was right there to help me, and didn’t even make me feel like the blonde that I am!

how to send your opt-in using mailerlite

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Step One – Save to Dropbox

Let’s get started, the first step you need to take after creating your awesome opt-in is to save it to Dropbox.  If you use WordPress you can also save it as a media file, I prefer Dropbox because it allows me to organize my files a bit better than just uploading it to my WordPress site.  Oh yeah, and it’s free.


Step Two – Create a Subscribers List

To understand what your audience is most interested in, it is a good idea to create a separate group for each opt-in.  To do this click the “Subscribers” tab in the top navigation bar, and then click the orange “Add New Group” button in the top right.


Step Three – Decide on Your Form

From your Mailerlite dashboard click on the “forms” tab in top navigation bar.

Then you need to choose your form. For this tutorial, I will be creating an embedded form.  An embedded form is a form you can insert into a particular blog post, or put in a header, footer or sidebar where it will show on every page.

So I will choose “embedded forms” from the menu on the top left, and then click the big orange “create embedded form” in the top right.


Step Four – Creating Your Form

Once you click the “create embedded form” you will be asked to give the form a name.  No worries, the name will not be visible to anyone but you.  To keep things straight, I use a description of the opt-in I am using so I know what opt-in each form is set to go to.

Now you can choose a subscribe box or a subscribe button.  I prefer the box because I can give more information to the subscriber about what they will be getting.

Next, you will be asked to choose a subscribers group. Choose the group you created in step 2 and click next.

Now you have the opportunity to design your box to match your branding (this is where having a branding board comes in really handy!)  Use the four tabs in on the right to change colors, add pictures, and add more fields to your subscriber box.


Step 5 – Design Your Confirmation Email

On the form box editing page, make sure the double opt-in box is clicked to “on”. Directly above, you will see options for subscribe form, stats, confirmation email, and confirmation thank you page. This is how you will add your opt-in, but first, let’s design the confirmation email.

Click on “confirmation email”. Now you will have the opportunity to edit the subject line, the from line and the actual email.  Click the bottom “edit” button to edit the email. This will bring you to an email edit screen just like if you were sending a campaign email.


Step 6 – Add Your Opt-In

Finally! It is time to add your opt-in. Click the “Confirmation Thank You Page” tab next to the “confirmation email” tab and hit edit.

Edit your header by clicking the little pencil and then hit save. Now reach over and grab the button icon and drag it and drop it into your email.

Now your screen should look like this. In the red circle below is where you will put the Dropbox link to your opt-in. Edit your button using the settings tab and hit save.

Go back to the subscription form tab and you will find a URL link or a coded link.  Copy the coded link and paste it into your blog where ever you would like your opt-in box to show up.


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