Professional Writing


Why Hire A Professional Writer Writer?

The writing or copy on your website can make or break a sale. Great copy gives your customers good information conveyed in an easy to understand way.  If you haven’t written anything since your high school days, a freelance writer can help you craft the perfect prose for your brand. They can capture your voice along with your vision so your customers will get everything you need from your website.

Hiring a professional writer also frees up your valuable time.  Writing content for your site can take hours or days of your time.  Instead of pulling your hair out trying to write, use your time to grow your business and let us take care of the writing for you. Our freelance writing division will help you craft the perfect prose for your brand.  We can help you with blog posts, sales copy, articles and press releases.

Who We Are

Michele Cook is our header writer. She has over 10 years experience in professional writing and is a published author.  Michele also has tons of experience in the blogging world.  First with a tiny blog about her career as a railroad signalman, then with a popular lifestyle blog to help people find their path to happiness. Today Michele writes for several blogs both as a ghost writer and as an accredited writer. She is dedicated to writing copy to help your business flourish.

Check out the Portfolio Page to see examples of her work

Shanyse Gregory is our intern writer. She has a background in graphic design and has taken an interest in the inner workings of professional writing.  Shanyse is showing great promise as a writer and we look forward to seeing what she can bring to our company and yours.