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5 Keys to Crafting the Perfect Blog Post

Writing a blog post is a little bit different than writing a paper in high school. Blog posts need to be easy to read, informative, fun, and your post needs to make the SEO Gods […]

Simple Editing Tricks to Make Amazing Blog Graphics

Have you ever wondered where bloggers get all of those cool graphics? The ones with standout headlines and sharp pictures.  How do they do that? Are they master photographers as well as bloggers? In this […]

What Social Media Scheduling Tool is Right for You?

Need to update your followers, subscribers, friends or family about what’s happening with your blog or business, but enjoy things like sleeping, getting away from your phone or computer, and not endlessly clicking retweets and […]

How to Send Your Opt-in Using MailerLite

Congratulations! You have created the perfect opt-in for your audience. But now- how to get it to them? Mailerlite is a great option for both beginning and more experienced bloggers. It allows you to use automation, […]